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A London Lass and Time Will Tell

Author: Elizabeth Waite

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ISBN: 9780751540161


A LONDON LASS When Janey has to leave her home after her stepfather beats her so badly there is fear for her safety, she soon finds herself in a children's home deep in the Sussex countryside. And it isn't long before she settles in and makes new friends. But, at the age of just sixteen, Janey has to leave the place she calls home again. Feeling abandoned and facing an awful new job, can she find the happiness she has always longed for? TIME WILL TELL During an air-raid, Joan gives birth to a son. In the aftermath of confusion her son is mis-tagged with another baby boy - but it is only twenty long years later that the mistake is unveiled. Both sets of parents, struggling to come to terms with what has happened, are forced to face the truth, whatever that might be ...

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