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Author: Mick Wall

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ISBN: 9781409135258


Mick Wall penetrates the closed world of Aussie rock legends AC/DC.

AC/DC moved to Britain from Sydney in 1975 and soon set up a residency at London's Marquee Club. Their short hair (including the odd mullet), loud rock and attitude chimed well with the lingering pub rock and soon-to-be punk crowd.

They weren't really a band for guitar solos and singer Bon Scott was the original bike-riding, speed-snorting, fighting man. An ex-convict, he lived life fast and short; he died in February 1980, just before Back in Black, their huge-selling album, took off and the second period of AC/DC (with Brian Johnson as lead vocalist) was ushered in. Back in Black has gone on to sell 45 million copies worldwide and as the band have become a global phenomenon so their reclusiveness has increased.

Mick Wall, the don of heavy metal writing, seeks to penetrate the wall around the Young brothers and write the first authoritative, in-depth critcal account of AC/DC. ISBN:9781409135258

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