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Basic Structural Behaviour Via Models

Author: Barry Hilson

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ISBN: 9780258968529


It is of the utmost importance that anyone concerned with the design of structures should have the ability to visualise howa structure will behave under a given set of circumstances, and how the form of the structure will influence this behaviour. The designer must therefore develop an intuitive feeling for structural behaviour. Dr Barry Hilson of the Department of Civil Engineering and Building at the Brighton Polytechnic has found a remarkable answer to the question of how to develop this intuitive feeling at an early stage with students of civil engineering, architecture and building. Some years ago he developed a scheme of practical work with models as an essential part of the course for students. Students make and break models of beams, trusses and shear walls made of balsa wood, paper and cotton. This approach is basic and elementary and provides a supplementary study to the more traditional subjects of Theory and Design of Structures, Mechanics and Materials with the object of producing an understanding of basic structural concepts. ISBN:9780258968529

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