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Behind Nazi Lines: My Father’s Heroic Quest to Save 149 World War II POWs

Author: Andrew Gerow Hodges Jr, Denise George

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“Riveting and action-packed…[Behind Nazi Lines] shows how one brave American Red Cross volunteer negotiated the release of 149 Allied POWs. A great read.”—Marcus Brotherton, author of Shifty's War

In 1944, hundreds of Allied soldiers were trapped in the prisoner-of-war camps off the Atlantic coast of occupied France. Miraculously, local villagers smuggled a message from the camp to the Allied forces—sparking a remarkable quest by an unlikely hero.

Excluded from military service due to a football injury, Andy Hodges joined the Red Cross and, in the fall of 1944, was tapped for what sounded like a suicide mission: a desperate attempt to aid the Allied POWs in Nazi-occupied France.

But Andy did far more than deliver much-needed supplies. By the end of the year, he had negotiated the release of an unprecedented 149 prisoners—leaving no one behind. This is the true story of one man’s selflessness, ingenuity, and victory in the face of impossible adversity.


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