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  • Benjamin Graham On Value Investing: Lessons From the Dean of Wall Street by Janet. Lowe

Benjamin Graham On Value Investing: Lessons From the Dean of Wall Street

By: Janet. Lowe

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Benjamin Graham on Value Investing celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. This is the first book to introduce Graham's investment theories in the context of both his life and work. Janet Lowe provides readers with an inside look at how Graham became one of the most influential investors of our time. Graham's own books are investment classics. Securities Analysis (first published in 1934) and The Intelligent Investor (first published in 1949) continue to sell steadily. In addition to this legacy, he has permanently influenced many successful investors, including Warren Buffett, the wealthiest man in America; William Ruane, founder of the super-successful Sequoia Fund; and well-known investor Walter Schloss. Graham was a prophet in a specialized, yet important realm of life. He preached commandments that any investor can use to navigate the vast and mysterious seas of the investment world: 1. Be an investor, not a speculator. 2. Understand the difference between price and value. 3. Rake the market for bargains. 4. Buy the Graham formula. 5. Regard corporate figures with suspicion. 6. Don't expect every decision to be perfect. 7. Smart investing does not require higher math. 8. Rule #1: Diversify with stocks and bonds. 9. Rule #2: Diversify with a wide variety of stocks. 10. When in doubt, stick to quality. 11. Dividends provide a clue. 12. Defend your shareholder rights. 13. Be patient. 14. Think for yourself. These words of wisdom form the basis of Graham's theories. Benjamin Graham on Value Investing will show individual investors, money managers, brokers and stockmarket mavens how to invest as if Ben Graham were alive todayand spreading his gospel to all of us. ISBN:9780273622147

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