• Blackbeard's Last Fight by Eric A. Kimmel

Blackbeard’s Last Fight

By: Eric A. Kimmel

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Cabin boy Jeremy Hobbs knows the horror stories about Blackbeard the pirate. In 1718, the man is notorious for plundering ships and has recently blockaded the port of Charleston. But Jeremy has heard Blackbeard is loved as well.
One day Jeremy accompanies Lieutenant Maynard on a visit to Virginia's governor, who is looking for a bold officer to wipe out the pirate. Now, as Lieutenant Maynard's sloop approaches
Blackbeard's ship, Jeremy's mouth feels dry and his stomach tightens. He has never been in a sea battle before. He hopes he will act bravely - and that he is doing the right thing.
With bold acrylic paintings, this tale is a thrilling adventure in which the roles of hero and villain become increasingly blurred.
"Blackbeard's Last Fight" is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year. ISBN:9780374307806

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