Ceritalah 3: Malaysia, A Dream Deferred (Chinese)

By: Karim Raslan

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Karim Raslan's third collection of essays tracks the tumultuous passage of Malaysian politics from 2003 till early October 2008. It charts Dr Mahathir Mohamad's departure from office and the rise of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. It goes on to chronicle the latter's astounding victory in the 2004 polls followed by the gradual decline in this administration's fortunes. The book then concludes with the historic March 8, 2008 general election and its epochal implications. Traversing the country, Karim chronicles the hopes, dreams, and fears of Malaysians from diverse backgrounds. He has spoken to people from all walks of life, including factory workers, politicians, journalists, lecturers, businessmen, car mechanics and even a media mogul. ISBN:9789833703388

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ISBN 9789833703388