• Classical Music (Teach Yourself) by Stephen Collins
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Classical Music (Teach Yourself)

Author: Stephen Collins

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ISBN: 9780340867488


Clear and concise yet comprehensive, this book provides a practical introduction to the world of classical music for the newcomer. Stephen Collins takes the listening experience as the starting point and fills in factual details along the way. New topics are introduced step by step and are always presented from the listener's point of view. These include listening to music: developing skills what is classical music? the architecture of music: forms and structures historical background: different periods and different styles the instruments of the orchestra starting a collection of recorded music Examples from well-known pieces are examined in a clear and nontechnical way. Whether you dip into Teach Yourself Classical Music from time to time, or read it straight through, you will feel that you musical horizons have been broadened and that you have gained the knowledge and confidence to extend your musical experiences further.

Stephen Collins has played and taught music for over twenty years.


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