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  • Digital Soldiers: The Evolution of High-Tech Weaponry and Tomorrow's Brave New Battlefield by James F. Dunnigan

Digital Soldiers: The Evolution of High-Tech Weaponry and Tomorrow’s Brave New Battlefield

By: James F. Dunnigan

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Digital Soldiers is destined to become the bible of weaponry for armchair generals and military professionals. Dunnigan, the State Department's and CIA's expert adviser on military affairs, analyzes the evolution of combat from the bow and arrow to the computer-driven arsenals being sold to the Pentagon on smiles and handshakes. In their tireless search for sound-bite tragedy and heroism, the media have brought military strategic planning into every home. The fielding of the latest high-tech gizmos in Bosnia and the video game-like warfare that captured the public's imagination during the Gulf War have generated billions of dollars in contracts for the military-industrial complex. But will civilians and soldiers on the front lines be well served by the investments? With a comprehensive knowledge of the history of warfare, Dunnigan looks at the high-tech explosion from the points of view of the combat soldier and the taxpayer. Digital Soldiers points the finger at the Pentagon paper pushers and debunks the new high-tech military philosophy by showing exactly how and why these strategic planners are dismantling the foundation of the free world's offensive and defensive military might. ISBN:9780312145880

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