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Author: John Malam

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ISBN: 9781592239405
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So you think dinosaurs are extinct--well, think again Prehistoric beasts come roaring to life in Learning in Action: Dinosaurs. Before kids even crack the cover, the adrenaline-pumping action begins with a touch of a button as a ferocious embossed T. Rex awakens with a mighty roar and fierce, red glowing eyes. As they journey inside the book, kids won't be disappointed--there's plenty of action They'll encounter a 3-D pop-up of a baby Eoraptor hatching from its egg and hear its cries, as well as come face-to-face with a deadly Allosaurus Kids will see, hear, and encounter amazing prehistoric creatures like never before. This fantastic book is bursting with cool illustrations, dynamic pop-ups, sound effects, lift-the-flap excitement, and plenty of facts about dinosaurs. Terrifyingly good fun ISBN:9781592239405

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