• Don Juan Cantos I - IV (Abridged) by Lord Byron, T.S. Dorsch (Editor)
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Don Juan Cantos I – IV (Abridged)

Author: Lord Byron, T.S. Dorsch (Editor)

Condition: Vintage (1973), Acceptable
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Byron's Don Juan cannot be fully appreciated unless it is read in long stretches; it derives much of its highly individual flavour from its abrupt transitions in subject and mood, from the jostling together of the serious and the comic, the pathetic and the ribald, the beautiful and the grotesque, the sublime and the satirical. Professor Dorsch, therefore, in this selection, presents two complete episodes in Juan's career. The selection comprises the first three cantos of the poem and about three-quarters of the fourth; it ends with the death of Haidee. Some slight abridgement has been necessary, but the editor's aim has been to preserve the heterogeneous character of the poem. All omissions have been recorded in the notes, with summaries of the omitted material.

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