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Author: James Joyce

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Perhaps the greatest short story collection in the English language, James Joyces' DUBLINERS is both a vivid and unflinching portrait of "dear, dirty Dublin" at the turn of the century, and moral history of a nation and a people whose "golden age" has passed.

From the opening story, "The Sisters," in which a boy first encounters death, to the powerful and evocative "The Dead," which brings the collection to its haunting climax, DUBLINERS startles the reader into realizing universal human truths in moments Joyce called epiphanies. And his richly drawn characters - at once intensely Irish and utterly universal - haunt us long after the first reading. In writing that never fails to provoke and mesmerize, Joyce takes us deep into the heart of the city of his birth, capturing the cadences of Dubliners' speech in remarkably realistic portrayals of their inner lives.

This magnificent collection of fifteen stories reveals Joyce at his most accessible and perhaps most profound.

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