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Gang of One

Author: Gary Mulgrew

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"Personal insight and dark, subversive humour make this a really special read, a prison version of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" -Catherine Deveny, Herald Magazine.
"A FANTASTIC book" Pat Kenny, RTE
"Fascinating" Libby Purves, BBC Radio 4
"Entertaining, witty and lively even in the midst of all the sorrow" The Times
"A RAW vision of prison life that echoes the Shawshank Redemption" Sydney Morning Herald

Gary Mulgrew's acclaimed memoir tells of his rise from a Glasgow orphanage to a high flying career which ended in extradition and time in a notorious Texas Prison. Initially known as the 'Enron guy', Mulgrew attempts to survive the prison gang culture and preserve his own sanity. Driven by his desire to return to his son in England, he is increasingly haunted by the heart-breaking disappearance of his daughter. Meanwhile the dangers around him grow ever closer.

Told with wit and humanity, GANG OF ONE, reveals a man constantly confronted by the moral and physical challenges of prison life in America, where evryone is encouraged to turn their back and 'see nuthin'

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