ISBN: 9781786484109

Get Your Sh*t Together

Author: Sarah Knight

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Get Your Sh*t Together is a giddily profane, immensely useful, and surprisingly powerful guide to achieving your wildest dreams--whether you're stuck in a job or relationship you hate, overwhelmed by a million unread emails, or just need a little help along your way to world domination.

First, "anti-guru" Sarah Knight taught you how to shed unwanted guilt and obligations like a year's worth of old socks in The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck. But what about the f*cks you just have to give--about your career, your relationships, and even (gulp) your taxes? Now, Sarah's back: to help you set goals, achieve them, and, most importantly, end the cycle of self-sabotage and get out of your own f*cking way.

Whether your dream is to quit your job and buy a food truck, pay off your credit card debt, or just to spend more time with your cat, with Sarah's proven method to identify what you want and make it happen, you'll set goals, crush them, and get out the door for happy hour. So, mark some bullsh*t emails as "read," stop whining, and start winning--today!

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