• Heart of the Flame by Araby Scott
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Heart of the Flame

Author: Araby Scott

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ISBN: 9780380794591


From the pleasure resorts of America's aristocracy to the untamed West to the exotic mysteries of the Ottoman Empire, this is the passionate saga of a woman who dared to take the final triumphant revenge on the man who brutalized her...

Only revenge could free her heart to love again...

No creature on earth deserved what the evil railroad financier Julian Gow had done to beautiful Cat. Cat of the silver eyes, the golden skin, the raven hair, the woman with a spirit as fine and beautiful as America's Gilded Age. With the help of handsome Daniel Savage, Kathryn had escaped from the depraved Julian. Daniel was the only man who had ever loved her the way a woman deserved. But would she ever be able to return a man's love again?

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