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  • How to Have a Baby and Still Live in the Real World by Gila Leiter, Jane Symons

How to Have a Baby and Still Live in the Real World

By: Gila Leiter, Jane Symons

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Every newly pregnant woman has a sneaking suspicion that no one is telling her the whole truth. This humorous, practical guide, written by health writer Jane Symons, asks and answers all those questions that expectant mothers worry will shock their physicians and make their friends laugh out loud. Taking the reader from the moment she finds out she's pregnatnt to the point where push truly comes to shove (and beyond), this is a frank, funny, and indispensable companion to the ups and downs of the most eventful -- and surprising -- 40 weeks of a woman's life. A new, genuinely fresh contribution to the subject, it's designed in a chic, retro style that makes a great gift for mothers-to-be.

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