In Defence of …

By: Paul Tan Chee Ing

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In Malaysia, literature in defence of Christian Beliefs is hardo come by Censorship has made the importation of such literature extremely difficult, if not impossible, On the other hand, other Christian literature, apes and video tapes Star warp Christian beliefs and ridicule Christian Rare casily sold and distributed. The attacks against Christian beliefs of Mr Ahmed Deedat a South African Muslim are examples of such Ridicule and distortion which are.easily available to the public. Mr Ahmed Deedat accuses Christians of wilfully corrupting the Holy Bible, ridicules them For accepting the crucifixion and the rescue recon of Jesus Christ and mocks them for believe ing n the death of Jesus Christ as a substitution for sins of human beings. Are these acousations true? Christians here have a right to know the truth about their faith. They must also know the false ac cusations levelled against their beliefs. I is not only the Christians who have a right to truth. It is also the night of every human person. Those who believe in religions other than Christianity have a right to know what Christians themselves believe in. It is in this spirit of upholding truth and justice in defence of Christian beliefs that this book has been written. ISBN:INDEFENCEOF

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