• Kahlil Gibran: An Illustrated Anthology by Ayman El-Desouky
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Kahlil Gibran: An Illustrated Anthology

Author: Ayman El-Desouky

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ISBN: 9781846013386


Lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed anthology-cum-biography of one of the world's most popular poets.
Kahlil Gibran's texts and paintings explore the individual's quest for enlightenment and inner peace outside of organized religious institutions. His texts are quasi mystical but touch the souls of millions, and now much of his verse has become common parlance, popularly quoted at weddings, christening and funerals.
In this sumptuous annotated anthology, filled with Gibran's paintings, the reader will discover the extraordinary and lasting legacy of this much-loved poet, artist and philosopher who has touched the hearts of millions of readers around the world. ISBN:9781846013386

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