• Lily of Love Lane by Carol Rivers
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Lily of Love Lane

Author: Carol Rivers

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ISBN: 9781849831833


1930, Isle of Dogs. 20-year-old Lily Bright works long hours on a market stall, selling furniture and bric-a-brac to make ends meet. When a handsome stranger turns up at the stall in search of a bargain, it's love at first sight. Swept off her feet, Lily falls head over heels for the debonair Charles Grey - only to discover, too late, that he's a bigamist and trader in stolen goods. Trapped and pregnant, Lily turns to her childhood friend Ben James for comfort. A former lorry driver, Ben is now a successful businessman, and Lily quickly realises that it's Ben she really loved all along. But with World War II looming, will she find a way to overcome her mistakes and win her true love's heart before it's too late? ISBN:9781849831833

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