Malaysia: Land of Eternal Summer

By: Debbie Cook, David Cook

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Situated just north of the equator, Malaysia is truly a “Land of Eternal Summer', where only the monsoon rains mark the passing of the season. The tropical climate has nurtured over millions of years a rich and diverse flora and fauna, and some of the oldest rainforests in the world. This is a land where there are flowers as big as footballs, pocket-sized deer, plants that can cat rats and fish that walk. This is also a land blessed with untouched white sandy beaches washed by crystal clear warm waters, idyllic coral-fringed islands, picturesque fishing villages and mystical mountains. During the days when sailing ships ruled the waves, Malaysia was a fabled emporium and the meeting place for merchants and seafarers from all over the world. Many decided to make Malaysia their home, beginning a process of migration that has turned the country into the cultural pearl of the orient, with a diverse population and a fascinating mixture of religions, colourful festivals, traditions and taboos, folklore and culinary delights. This book brings to life the character and soul of Malaysia, highlighting the history of the country and the cultures of her warm and friendly people, with a well-written and informative text and over 280 colourful maps and photographs. There is a great deal on what to see and do in the country and a travel information section to enable visitors to make the most of their time in the Land of Eternal Summer. This book is an indispensable guide to Malaysia's exotic charms. BnB note: Even though published in 1995, most of the information in this book is still credible. With one chapter dedicated to each state and filled with coloured photos, readers can definitely still get a sense of the beauty and history of Malaysia. ISBN:9789839990805

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ISBN 9789839990805