ISBN: 9789675266201

Malaysian Tales: Retold & Remixed

Author: Daphne Lee
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Fables and fairytales. Myths and legends. They are an integral part of our heritage; of the legacy of our forefathers. Handed down from generation to generation. Passed on by word of mouth. Lamplight stories that quietly and cleverly skirt that fine line between childish fantasy and profoundly penetrating philosophy.

This stunning new collection features 16 classic tales as reimagined and retold by some of Malaysia’s brightest raconteurs. They spin stories that are steeped as much in mythology and magic as they are in metaphysics. Fictions that delve into the power of history and fable, that open our eyes to their importance, that are a testament to the enduring nature of our oral tradition. These are tales so immersive, so enticing, so welcoming, that you'll never want to click your heels and wish for home.

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