Management in Malaysia

By: Malaysian Institute of Management

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Management is both science and art. It is science in its universal body of concepts, tools and techniques, but it is art in their application to specific situations, which is shaped and influenced by local culture. Management in Malaysia is a first attempt to tap the best of management in both worlds - it is surely the first textbook on general management for the country, one that surveys the body of knowledge in the field of management with particular reference to Malaysian practice. The book covers some of key management issues in the country following the framework of the functional areas of managing a Malaysian business. Thus, the mainstay of the areas of management - Finance, Production, Marketing, Human Resource - forms four of the sixteen chapters. Increasingly important areas like Information Technology and Ethics are also included. However, the refreshing difference in this book is the meaningful use of local examples and illustrations, especially in chapters that lend themselves to the local context, e.g."Managing in the Malaysian Context", "Marketing Management" and "Strategic Management". Management in Malaysia should provide a local reference to the study of management in our universities, private colleges and training institutions as well as a handy resource to practitioners of management who wish to keep in touch with both the science and art of management. ISBN:9789839065060

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ISBN 9789839065060