Mortar & Pestle: Aromas From A Peranakan Kitchen

By: Angelina Teh

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When pestle meets mortar, aromas are released, flavours blend and appetites are whetted. The pungent scent of freshly pounded spices mixes with the smell of burning charcoal in the kitchen, bringing the warmth and promise of a traditional home-cooked meal made with love. Peranakan cuisine is perhaps one of the best things to have emerged from the melting pot that is Malaysia. The aromas and flavours from a typical Straits Chinese kitchen are a combination of Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques, Malay or Indonesian spices and aromatics, and centuries of experimentation. But it's not just kitchenware; it is said that a nyonya can gauge a potential daughter-in-law's culinary skill just by listening to how she uses the mortar and pestle. However, the sights, sounds and smells associated with Peranakan cooking are slowly vanishing, even from the very households where it is the centrepiece of any dining table. From Angelina Teh comes this repository of the author's fondest Peranakan kitchen memories. Featuring recipes and other culinary heirlooms handed down to the author by her elders, Mortar and Pestle: Aromas from a Peranakan Kitchen is Teh's way of preserving the essence of Peranakan cuisine.ISBN:9789675997204

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ISBN 9789675997204