• Musical Forms Book 2 by Roy Bennett
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Musical Forms Book 2

Author: Roy Bennett

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ISBN: 9780521569262


This series is designed to describe and analyse examples of various musical forms. Each section explains the origins and development of the form in question, with clearly set out analyses of varied and typical examples. The main text of each unit is a detailed description of the music, with examples. For each work included, there is a brief background and illustrations to help set the scene for the music which follows. There are also suggestions for further listening. These lists, together with the works chosen for detailed description within the text, cover all the major examples of the various musical forms by composers of all periods and nationalities. The series also provides excellent material for use at Key Stage 3 in the National Curriculum for Music, in particular, for the history of music, its composers and traditions in Attainment Target 2. ISBN:9780521569262

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