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My Shit Life So Far

Author: Frankie Boyle

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ISBN: 9780007880560


I don't think anyone can have written an autobiography without at some point thinking, "Why would anyone want to know this shit?" I've always read them thinking, "I don't want to know where Steve Tyler grew up, just tell me how many groupies he f**ked!"

So begins Frankie's outrageous, laugh-out loud, cynical rant on life as he knows it. From growing up in Pollockshaws, Glasgow ("It was an aching cement void, a slap in the face to Childhood, and for the family it was a step up."), to his rampant teenage sex drive ("In those days if you glimpsed a nipple on TV it was like porn Christmas."), and first job working in a mental hospital ("Where most evenings were spent persuading an old man in his pants not to eat a family-sized block of cheese."), nothing is out of bounds.

Outspoken, outrageous, and brilliantly inappropriate, Frankie Boyle, the dark heart of Mock the Week, says the unsayable as only he can. From the TV programs he would like to see made (Celebrities on Acid on Ice: just like Celebrity Dancing on Ice, but with an opening sequence where Graham Norton hoses the celebrities down with liquid LSD"), to his native Scotland, and the Mayor of London ("Voting for Boris Johnson wasn't that different to voting for a Labrador wearing a Wonder Woman costume."), nothing and no one is safe from Frankie's fearless, sharp-tongued assault.

Sharply observed and full of taboo-busting, we-really-shouldn't-be-laughing-at-this humor, My Shit Life So Far shows why Frankie Boyle really is the blackest man in show business. ISBN:9780007880560

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