• Natural Medicine for Children by Julian Scott
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Natural Medicine for Children

Author: Julian Scott

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ISBN: 9780380758760


For every parent who has even worried about treating a child's illness with drugs, Natural Medicine for Children offers an abundance of safe, powerful, drug-free remedies for virtually every childhood illness and ailment. Outlining step-by-step treatments that are easy to understand and apply, this is an indispensable addition to every family's home medical library, with essential information about:

the curative powers of herbal medicines such as Chamomile, Echinacea, Fennel, and Burdock Root
using massage therapy to treat headaches, coughs, asthma, and motion sickness
the most effective natural treatments for respitory problems and digestive disorders
recognizing symptoms that indicate you should seek medical advice
natural treatments for colds, flu, and fevers
safe, nonsynthetic therapies uniquely designed for infants ISBN:9780380758760

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