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  • Payback by R.J. Kaiser


By: R.J. Kaiser

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Stephanie Reymond was just another lonely woman trapped in a miserable marriage. Now she's running from ruthless killers and is wanted by the FBI. Her husband, her sister and her best friend are dead -- murdered for a thirty million dollar fortune. Her fortune.

Alone and desperate, she flees to the Caribbean in search of a place to hide -- and reclaim her money. She needs help and Jack Kidwell reluctantly offers it. He's an ex-con -- a man with nothing much to live for. But he's got a boat and a soft spot for beautiful women...especially ones who can pay.

Now Stephanie has entered a partnership with the most unlikely of allies. She's not convinced that Jack even cares if he lives or dies, and she certainly isn't sure she should trust him. But as they race the killers to the money, she knows that her only choice to to trust... or be killed. ISBN:9781551664606

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ISBN 9781551664606