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Polly’s Angel

Author: Katie Flynn

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ISBN: 9780099279969


It is 1936 and Polly's guardian angel has to work overtime when her large family is forced to move from the countryside they love into central Liverpool. Money is desperately short and with her mother working and her father sick, Polly is easily led astray by a new pal, the handsome, idle Sunny Anderson.

But soon war looms, and Sunny joins the navy to train as a signaller. After the horrors of the May blitz, Polly too decides she wants to help her country and goes into the WRNS. She hears that an old pal, Tad Donoghue from the Dublin slums, is now in the Royal Air Force. Tad hopes to be reunited with his Polly, but she's in love with Sunny... isn't she?

Polly's Angel is another wonderful compelling story by one of Britain's most popular saga authors, with over two million book sold nationwide. ISBN:9780099279969

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