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Pudsey: My Autobidography

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What can happen when you stop chasing your tail, and start chasing your dream?

Earlier this year, a bundle of endless energy and cool choreography called Pudsey bounded onto our TV screens with his owner and best friend Ashleigh Butler and made history as the first dog to win Britain's Got Talent. He wowed with his walking, delighted with his dancing, and his camaraderie with Ashleigh charmed the nation. But what do we really know of his journey to stardom? In this, the most extraordinary celebrity memoir of the year, Pudsey is finally ready to tell his story.

Born into the menagerie of animals that fills the Butler household, Pudsey always knew he was different to his dog-standard brothers and sisters. Never content with the walk-eat-sleep routine, he felt in his bones that he was destined for the stage. With no small amount of help from his fellow pets, and despite some dastardly opposition threatening to thwart him at every turn, he made it. And his Autobidography reveals for the first time exactly how he did it.

It's the bona fido story, straight from the mutt's mouth. So sit down, stay a while, and you'll find out exactly howl the people's pooch made it to the big time.

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