• Simple Principles for a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy by Alex Lluch, Benito Villanueva, Elizabeth Lluch
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Simple Principles for a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

Author: Alex Lluch, Benito Villanueva, Elizabeth Lluch

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ISBN: 9781934386262


Pregnancy is a fascinating and exciting experience. This book helps readers enhance this experience by outlining the most important tips for staying healthy and preparing for a new baby. It will reveal all the secrets to having a joyful, healthy pregnancy and is the perfect gift for mothers-to-be and their families.

Simple Principles™ for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy offers 200 unique and useful pieces of advice that will help expecting moms have a safe, stress-free, and fun pregnancy. In an easy-to-read style, this book provides guidance on topics such as nutrition, exercise, choosing a healthcare provider, safety for the mother and baby, the mother’s relationship with her partner, creating a birth plan, expectations for labor, and bringing the new baby home. Both first-time mothers and experienced parents will discover insight and wisdom from this book.

These 200 simple principles will ensure that mom-to-be, her partner, and baby all experience a happy, healthy pregnancy. ISBN:9781934386262

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