• Slab Rat by Ted Heller
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Slab Rat

Author: Ted Heller

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ISBN: 9780684864969
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Zachary Arlen Post, an associate editor at IT magazine, has his eye on a promotion. His mind, however, is more engaged in figuring out which of the two attractive women in the office he should pursue -- the sweet, earnest Ivy, or Leslie, a classy, English ice queen with a hyphenated last name. When Mark, an eager young man, joins the staff, Zack knows that he has met his nemesis. Mark works hard and plays the power game like a pro, demonstrating the all-important networking skills Zack has never mastered. Soon enough, Mark becomes Zack's boss and Zack knows that only desperate measures will save his own career. From fabricating a fabulous resume to back-stabbing with finesse, this deliciously wicked novel reveals what it takes to make it to the top of the masthead at one of the hottest magazines in the business. ISBN:9780684864969

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