Sound Insulation in Buildings : Cost and Performance of Walls and Floors

By: Great Britain: Department of the Environment

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We live in an increasingly noisy world from which the occupants of buildings seek sanctuary. But how, from among the wide variety of materials and forms of construction now available, does a designer make his choice of party wall, party floor or partition? Frequently he is called upon to meet exacting requirements for sound insulation while yet keeping within close cost limits. It is the purpose of this manual to guide the architect in this task. The forms of construction included in the book have been chosen to be representative of those in common use; they do not constitute an approved list": Indeed, not all the party wall and party floor construction described would be deemed to satisfy the current Building Regulations but they are included because they may be used, and are used, in many buildings to which the sound insulation provisions of those regulations do not apply. This is an essentially practical book to meet a present need. ISBN:9780116704856

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ISBN 9780116704856