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Stories From Buddhist Lands

By: S. Dhammika, Susan Harmer

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"Stories from Buddhist Lands", the fourth volume of "Great Buddhist Stories", brings to life profound Buddhist values such as love and compassion, simplicity and courage, as well as patience, forgiveness and understanding, in an engaging comic-book style. From India and Sri Lanka to Japan, China and Tibet, these stories impart important life lessons from the ancient Buddhist traditions. Meet, in vivid, full-colour illustrations: • The rich, ungrateful man who tried to cheat his helpers of their promised reward; • The kindly Abbot who helped a young man discover his true worth; • The monk who did not fear death; • The proud merchant who finds out that wealth and fame are not the most important things in life; • And many more. Other titles in the sames series include: • Stories The Buddha Told • Buddha and His Friends • Buddha and His Disciples About the Great Buddhist Stories series A series of engaging comic books written by a Buddhist monk retelling the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, better known as the Buddha, the Enlightened One. The best of ancient Buddhist scriptures is brought to life for both today’s children, and adults. The series contains vivid illustrations meticulously researched to give an authentic depiction of the past. ISBN:9789812042736

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ISBN 9789812042736