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Strategy and Conscience

Author: Anatol Rapoport

Condition: Vintage (1969), Good

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For some years now, strategic analysis - ostensibly based on objective science and logic - has greatly influenced American military thinking. Anatol Rapoport here challenges the methods of reasoning behind strategic concepts. He gives a lucid explanation of game theory and formal logical deduction, and goes on to show that, contrary to their claims, subjective thinking and presuppositions do enter into the analyses of our decision-makers. He also shows that they consider moral issues only when such issues do not hinder strategy. "Dr. Rapoport's book is the first comprehensive and fundamental criticism of present-day thinking. Strategic thinking aims at influencing human behavior by means of threats, and it thus assumes a knowledge of how men behave when threatened or provoked. Yet strategists have paid little or no attention to relevant psychological research. The ignorance of psychology among most of them, Dr. Rapoport concludes, is appalling. ... It seems to me that after the appearance of STRATEGY AND CONSCIENCE, intellectually respectable strategic discourse will not be quite the same again. Dr. Rapoport has said much that needed saying, and that needed saying now. ... It is high time, Dr. Rapoport suggests, that thinking about war and peace became again a matter of the human conscience, of human insights, and of the multiple, interdependent, and developing values of mankind." - From the Introduction. ISBN:STRATEGYCONSCIENCE

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