• Suffer the Little Children by Donna Leon

Suffer the Little Children

By: Donna Leon

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The quiet of the Venetian night is shattered as a band of
armed men smash their way into Dr Gustavo Pedrolli's
apartment, fracture his skull and grab his eighteen-month-old baby. And when Commissario Guido Brunetti, pulled from bis bed by the news, arrives at the hospital to investigate, no one knows why the eminent pediatrician has suffered such a violent assault.
But soon Brunetti begins to uncover a story of infertility,
desperation, and an underworld where babies can be bought for cash - linked with a money-making scam between pharmacists and doctors in the city. And knowledge can be as destructive as greed - certain information about one's neighbours can lead to all kinds
of corruption and all sorts of pain. ISBN:9780099503224

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ISBN 9780099503224