• Suffragette Girl by Margaret Dickinson
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Suffragette Girl

Author: Margaret Dickinson

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ISBN: 9780330533157


When Florrie Maltby defies her father by refusing to marry Gervase Richards, she sets off a chain of events that will alter her life. Instead she goes to London and becomes involved with the suffragette movement. She's imprisoned for her militant actions and goes on hunger strike. With her health deteriorating, there is one person who can save her - Gervase.

After a brief stay in the countryside to recuperate, Florrie returns to London to continue her fight for women's rights. Only the outbreak of the Great War puts a halt to her activities. It is when James, her younger brother, is shamed by their fathering into volunteering, that Florrie enlists as a nurse and is sent to the Front. Amidst the fear and horror of a hospital close the trenches, she find love. But when her beloved brother is in danger, help comes from a very unexpected source. ISBN:9780330533157

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