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Tango November (1977)

By: John Howlett

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“Tango November, you are clear to land.” Those were the last instructions that Captain 'Dixie’ Duckham heard from the control tower at the airport of Taorimina in Sicily. Minutes later, almost all of the 180 people on board the powerful jetliner were dead -or crushed and mutilated beyond saving. Amid the chaos and carnage of the mountainside disaster site, people start asking questions about what caused the crash. People like British government air accident investigator Mac Pherson. Like Citto the crusading ltalian journalist who knows a lot about how airports are built and run an Sicily-home of the Mafia. Soon, dedicated men determine to probe beneath the Surface-only to spark off a new trail of death and horror as someone begins to cover up the true facts about the tragedy of Tango November. ISBN:9780099148500

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ISBN 9780099148500