• Teach Yourself Visually: Weight Training by Ruth Maran

Teach Yourself Visually: Weight Training

By: Ruth Maran

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Weight training has become a popular way to get in shape and maintain good health. People of all ages are now interested in weight training and recognize the benefits of weight training to achieve and keep a healthy body. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Weight Training will be an information-packed guide to getting started with a weight training routine and then customizing the routine to constantly meet the readers' needs. The book will cover all the basics of weight training, but will also include more advanced techniques and exercises. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Weight Training will also provide supplemental information about nutrition, setting up a home gym and more. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Weight Training will contain full-color photographs of exercises for every major muscle group, along with clear, step-by-step instructions for performing the exercises. Useful tips will provide additional information and advice to help enhance the readers' weight training experience. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Weight Training will be packed with information useful to people who are just beginning to make weight training a part of their health regime. For people who have been weight training for some time, the book will provide a refresher course on proper form and will present new exercises readers can add to their routines. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Weight Training should include sections on:

Why you should lift weights.
Considerations for joining a gym or working out at home.
Appropriate clothing and equipment for weight training.
Step-by-step instructions with full-color photographs for performing exercises for the back, chest, shoulders, arms, abdominals and legs.
Designing a basicworkout.
Warm-up and stretching exercises and considerations.
Information on aerobic and cardiovascular training.
How to achieve proper form and minimize the risk of injury when weight training.
Easy-to-follow instructions for advanced training techniques, such as supersets and breakdowns.
Information on supplements and nutrition.

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