• The Coelura by Anne McCaffrey
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The Coelura

Author: Anne McCaffrey

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ISBN: 9780812502978


The Lady Caissa, heir to the Ambassador of the Federated Sentient Planets to the world Demeathorn, has grown up knowing that she owes her sire obedience and unconditional loyalty. She is expected to do her duty, even entering into a marriage with a man she despises.

But knowing one's duty and following one's heart are sometimes not the same thing, and in the aftermath of disastrous diplomatic negotiations, Lady Caissa chooses to flee north, straight to the planet's one forbidden zone. Following a distress signal, she will encounter a man: intense, handsome, and severely injured from the crash of his antique flyer.

Lady Caissa does not know it, but she has just set into motion events that will determine the fate of her family, her planet... and her happiness. ISBN:9780812502978

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