• The Cultured Handmaiden by Catherine Cookson
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The Cultured Handmaiden

Author: Catherine Cookson

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At twenty-one, Jinny Brownlow was, to all intents and purposes, alone in the world, a typist at a large engineering firm in the Tyneside town of Fellburn with her only outside interest the local theatre group, where the only role she seemed to play was that of general dogsbody.

Then, suddenly, her life changed. Called upon to stand in as secretary to Bob Henderson, the formidable head of the company, his blunt manner provided a stimulating challenge. Later that same day, she had an unexpected visit from Hal Campbell, leading light of the Fellburn players, who displayed a touching concern for her personal problems. Both were older men and each would, in his own way, be a catalyst to the re-shaping of Jinny Brownlow's pattern of life.


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