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The Delta

Author: Tony Park

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Ex- Soldier turned mercenary Sonja Kurt is on the run after her failed assassination attempt on the president of Zimbabwe. She heads for her only place of refuge, the Okavango Delta, in the heart of Botswana. Sonja is hoping to reconnect with childhood sweetheart, Sterling Smith and leave her brutal work as a contract warrior behind. But Sonja is plunged headlong into a diabolical mission by her former lover and commanding officer Martin Steele. Dropping right into the middle of Sonja's plight is TV heartthrob "Coyote" Sam Chapman who blunders out of the bush in a reality show gone-wrong. Instead of shedding her violent past, Sonja is surrounded by men whoa re relying on her killer instincts to save the day. Where she came to find peace, she finds war... and its not just the Delta that is at stake.

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