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The Europeans

Author: Henry James

Condition: Acceptable, Vintage (1964)

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A departure from the familiar Jamesian theme of Americans astray in Europe, this novel centers upon a pair of Europeans - a captivating woman and her engaging brother - who have come to seek their fortunes in America. They are polished in manner, refined in sensibility, wise in the ways of the world. But nothing in their Old World experience has prepared them for the Wentworths, a clan personifying the supreme provincialism of nineteenth-century New England. From this confrontation, depicted with lucidity, grace, and objectivity, emerges a sharply etched, double-edged comedy of manners and morals. Steadily gaining in reputation, The Europeans has come to be recognized as one of James's finest performances, a delightful fable of cultures in collision, with a heroine who, in the words of Richard Poirier, "is meant to escape our customary moral evaluations and to claim our admiration for her mode of being, her style..." As F. R. Leavis noted: "This small book, written so early in James's career, is a masterpiece of major quality."

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