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The Making of British India 1756-1858 (1969)

By: Ramsay Muir

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This book is to provide a selection of these contemporary materials ample enough to enable the student to see the main events of anglo-indian history through the eyes of the principal actors, and yet not so full as to be over whelming. The book is primarily designed for the use of students, and can be used to best advantage in conjunction with a good narrative history. But I have tried, by means of a series of introductions, prefatory notes to individual documents, and footnotes, to weave the whole into a fairly connected narrative, which can be read without confusion by the ordinary citizen who knows nothing of Indian history. I have also excised unnecessary minutiae from the documents, and avoided as far as possible technical terminology and unfamiliar names. As it was obviously impossible in the space at my disposal to deal with every aspect of the period, I have in effect con fined myself to documents which illustrate two main themes (a) the reasons for the successive extensions of British territory, and (b) the stages in the development of the British system of government and the introduction of Western methods and ideas into India. Events of a purely military character are therefore omitted - at the cost, I fear, of some picturesqueness. ISBN:9781406723786

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