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The Paper Chase (1979)

By: John Jay Osborn

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When initially published, The Paper Chase was widely acclaimed as the first novel to realistically describe the experiences of students within American law schools. The film version appeared to sensational reviews, and John Houseman, playing Professor Kingsfield won an Academy Award. Then, with Houseman again playing Kingsfield, The Paper Chase appeared as a television series on CBS. After that, the series in its entirety was re-run as a special on PBS, the first time a commercial American television series had been re-broadcast on public television. Subsequently, The Paper Chase television series was taken over by the cable network Showtime, which continued to produce new episodes. Every year, a theatrical play version of The Paper Chase is produced in regional theatres and schools across the United States. In its many incarnations, The Paper Chase has been one of the most influential books of its generation and has defined law school for millions of Americans. ISBN:9780340245583

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ISBN 9780340245583