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The Silent Roar: A Decade of Change

By: Raja Petra Kamarudin

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Prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin a.k.a. RPK is someone whom you either love, or love to hate. It is difficult to not have any opinion about him. And whatever that opinion may be, it's likely to be extreme. Compiled from RPK's popular website, Malaysia Today, THE SILENT ROAR is not only a compilation of selected articles, commentaries and essays on unfolding developments and issues in Malaysia, it also features new and unpublished writings exclusive to this publication. RPK describes the vast changes that transformed the landscape of Malaysian politics leading to March 8, 2008, and its aftermath. The once silent rakyat has responded to the growing calls for transparency, accountability and justice in the political system, while rejecting the entrenched norms of ethnic polarisation, money politics and corruption. In his characteristic candid and controversial prose, RPK takes serious aim, bringing all of his incisiveness, wit and signature exasperation to the question of why the fight for a better Malaysia has only just begun. ISBN:SILENTROAR1

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