• The Story of Christianity: 2000 Years of Faith by Matthew Collins, Matthew A. Price

The Story of Christianity: 2000 Years of Faith

By: Matthew Collins, Matthew A. Price

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Providing a truly global view of Christianity across all denominations, The Story of Christianity covers the Old Testament to the present day, covering topics as diverse as the early martyrs, the birth of the monasteries, the conversion of Europe, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Reformation, and the rise of the Third World church. Beautifully illustrated, clearly presented, and written in a lucid and accessible style, this unique book encapsulates the essential history of the Christian religion.

Author Biography: Michael Collins, an Irish Catholic priest, was a protocol adviser to Pope John Paul II. He is currently a consultant to the Vatican Committee for the Millennium and Associate Professor of History at the American University in Rome. Matthew Price is President of Upland Publishing, a publisher of Christian books and media. He was vice-president of Starsong Communications and Director of Development at Tyndale House Publishers.


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