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The Summer Lion

Author: Margi McAllister

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ISBN: 9781407145570
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Fans of Michael Morpurgo will love this animal adventure story full
of charming characters and a lion. Drina loves nothing more than
spending time with the old retired lion from her family's circus.
Their only animal acts are the horses, who have a wonderful life,
and Ma's little dog, who loves showing off. When Drina takes
her lion to the village of Twidings for the summer, she discovers
a plan to turn the ruined castle into a hotel with a theme park
attached. It will ruin the community and the landscape. And even
worse, the evil man behind the plans, Mr Cravat, has his eye on
Drina's lion to be one of the main attractions. Will Drina and her
friends be able to stop him in time?

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