The Twins at St Clare’s (Six-book Set)

Author: Enid Blyton

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This set contains Book 1-3, and 5-7 (book 4 missing)

The Twins at St Clare's is a children's novel by Enid Blyton set in an English girls' boarding school. It is the first of the original six novels in the St. Clare's series of school stories. First published in 1941, it tells the story of twin sisters Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan in their first term at a new school. They meet many new friends.

The two girl twins, Patricia and Isabel O'Sullivan, having just finished school at the elite school called Redroofs, are expected to move on to senior school. While most of their friends at their old school, two of them Mary and Frances Waters, are moving to the equally elite Ringmere, the twins' parents are reluctant to send them to an expensive school as they are afraid the twins might become spoilt and snobbish. Furious at their parents' refusal to send them to the school of their choice, the twins are determined to be as difficult as possible at St. Clare's.

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