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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: The Definitive Illustrated Guide

By: David Pringle

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An A-Z reference guide to famous science fiction stories, the people behind them, and the heroes and villains which they created. Also charts the rise of science fiction from its original cult status to mass popularity in the eras of Star Trek and the X-Files. An informed, thorough description of science fiction's beginnings, which go back quite a few centuries, as well as an overview of the various sub-categories that fall within the overall genre: space opera, disasters, alternative histories, time travel, nuclear war, etc. A list of the most memorable books within each category is also mentioned. Front cover is a photograph of Maria's robot double in Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1926). With 250 color photographs and fifty black-and-white duotones, this up-to-date encyclopedia offers readers the very best from the millions of words, sounds, and images written, filmed, and recorded about the science fiction genre. ISBN:9781858683850

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ISBN 9781858683850