• The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale by James Winny
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The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale

Author: James Winny

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Six-hundred-year-old tales with modern relevance. As well as the complete text of the Wife of Bathr's Prologue and Tale, the student will find illustrated information on Chaucer's world, including a map of the Canterbury pilgrimage, a running synopsis of the action, an explanation of unfamiliar words, and a wide range of classroom-tested activities to help bring the text to life. The Prologue and Tale is prefaced by a description of the Wife of Bath from the General Prologue, allowing for an initial investigation into the way the character is presented. Guided by the suggestions for study and the wide range of helpful information, students will readily appreciate Chaucer's wit and sense of irony, his love of controversy and his delight in character portrayal.

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